Eek, I've been baptized!

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    Eek, I've been baptized! Empty Eek, I've been baptized!

    Post  Lulu on Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:11 pm

    As I was trying to find any possible genealogical information about Catarina Cavalieri that I could online I came across the Mormons' huge database of information and, low and behold, she was in there, several times under a few different names and dates. This one entry made it clear that she had been baptized as a Mormon in a special ceremony to baptize the dead. Somehow I felt somewhat violated by this, afterall if I had wanted to be a Mormon I would have been born one, or converted consciously. Oh well, I found it pretty hilarious actually and thought I would share. Apparently I am now a Mormon. Shocked


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